Office Carpet Cleaning – How Often?

Something to consider when you have a busy office place is how often you should get the carpets cleaned. As it differs quite a lot from a home as an office will get thousands of times more foot traffic.

What it really comes down to is usage. If you have store rooms with carpets but for the most part they never get opened as they are just storage so people don’t go in very often. Then the carpets might new have to be cleaned unless there is a spill of some kind.

On the other had the main office area need more care and attention with regular carpet cleaning. Here is a recommended schedule based on office size.

The measurements below are just for the actual office area that staff take up. This does not include meetings room, the reception area and and other space in the office.

Under 100sq Feet

If you only have a small office with a few staff then you can get away with a weekly clean of the carpets by a professional office carpet cleaning company. As long as the staff are proactive on cleaning up their own mess that they create.

For example if a packet of cookies ends up on the floor then there should be a small vacuum cleaner on hand to deal with all the crumbs.

200sq to 400sq Feet

If you have a larger office of up to 400sq ft then it’s recommended to get a professional company in to clean the carpets twice per week. The more people you have the more mess gets made. And especially the mess that you can’t really see with your your eyes.

Such as the build up of dust and all the germs that get brought in with peoples shoes from outside.

400sq Feet and above

Once you have an office space that is 400sq ft and above you really need a janitorial company to be doing your carpets every night after your staff have gone home.

The build up of dirt and grim will not go unnoticed if you are not cleaning the carpets daily. Plus if you don’t do a nightly clean all the other things in the office will pile up such as the bins next to employee desk and kitchen. This is not a good look on management.

And finally one other thing to consider if deep steam cleaning. Most offices can get away with deep steam cleaning every three months. But this totally depends on your office. It’s best to discuss this with your commercial cleaning company and also check your rental contract to see what the contract states also.

You might need to deep steam clean monthly or you might be able to get away with it on a a quarterly basis.

How to Pick A Commercial Cleaning Company

Picking a commercial cleaning company is not something that should be taken lightly. There are many things that you need to know about to make a good choice. Today we will explore what you need to know to pick the best commercial cleaning company for your business.

Check Reviews

When you have found a janitorial company you want to work with then the first step should really be to check reviews online.

It’s hard for businesses to get positive reviews. Customers are more likely to ‘talk’ about a bad experience so if you find a company with a lot of positive reviews then odds are there are 20 to 50 times that number of happy customers.

Check References

Most companies these days put their current or past clients logos on their site. So you don’t even need to ask for references. You can quite simply look for the logos on the site of the cleaning company you’re looking at working with. Then give those companies a call. Simple!

Are Staff Vetted?

Once you are speaking to the company you are looking to contract a good question is to ask about their staff. How do they vet them? Do they only hire accredited cleaners or just anyone? Do they do criminal background checks and so on.

The reality is that you will be having random cleaning staff coming on to your business premises. You don’t wan proprietary information going missing if a staff member leaves something on a desk that should have been locked away. Or something more common. Theft of equipment.


It’s best to get quotes for at least four commercial cleaning companies. If you just get one or two then they both might be high quotes. But if you get four quotes or even more you will have a good idea of what the market place rate for janitorial services is actually set at.

Discuss the Quote in Detail

The final step is to discuss the quote in details with the company that you are looking at hiring. You need to go over everything to ensure what they are quoting you on will be needed and if anything is missing.

A few common things to consider are:

  • How often will sanitary supplies in bathrooms be replaced
  • How often will carpet cleaning get done
  • How often will bins be emptied
  • Is window cleaning covered

These are just a few examples. You need to thing about your business and what you need in particular.

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